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“The Power of Compassion and Peacemaking in Response to the 9/11 Attacks”

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Global Mental Health (Saude Mental Global)

Global Community provides Community Education by offering educational resources for individual self-care; these tools are designed for information only. They do not replace professional assistance or diagnoses. 

Support to Global Community is used to improve and expand counseling educacional services across the globe through Coaching (Online/Phone) and Face2Face Care in New York City. In Manhattan we provide affordable supervision to graduate students.

We are located at:

1 Rockefeller Plaza 11th FL
NewYork, NY 10020



Our You Tube Playlists manifest our care to Brazilian populations and English/Portuguese speaking clients. We strive to connect them (when requested) to local resources communities and websites. We are honored to play a role in thousands of lives. Our goal is to make every community under our care: a Mental Health Clinic.

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  For Emotional       Intelligence Mental Health, Healthy Lifestyles, and Aging Issues empowers you to make educated health and lifestyle choices to prevent illness and improve your health. This non-profit resource provides over 150 articles reviewed by recognized professionals. We strongly recommend Helpguide services.

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