Fight Against Global AIDS and Poverty

America is a land of many races, ethnic groups, and religions. Though we come from different traditions of faith, we can join together, as ONE, in the fight against global AIDS and poverty. For each ONE of us, our faith compels us to do acts of compassion: provide food for the hungry and care for the suffering.

As Christians, Jews and Muslims and as Buddhists and Sikhs, we have different beliefs but we can be ONE in action. We can lift up the fallen, heal the sick, and raise our voices to commit America to this struggle.

We join all persons of faith to social awareness, social action, and civic responsibility. This is a historic opportunity for us all. Let us seize it to fight global AIDS and poverty. ONE by ONE, we can join the campaign seeking compassion for the suffering and justice for the oppressed.

Let us join together with ONE voice and ONE goal: to fight global AIDS and poverty.



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